Borzhava Narrow Gauge Railway – popularly called ” Antsya Kushnytska ” – one of the existing narrow gauge railways in Ukraine and the last narrow gauge railway of Transcarpathia region.

The total length of railway – 123 km, gauge – 750 mm. Borzhava narrow-gauge railway was started in 1908 . The narrow gauge railway was built by Hungarians, then it was finished and cared by the Czechs. The railway was used primarily to transport wood from the mountain ranges of Borzhava to Transcarpathian lowland.

During last 20 years the length of active routes of Borzhava NGR declined in three times. It had 120 km. length in 1986. This is not counting side branches and forest roads which were on the balance of wood plant. Now, the total length of track is about 70 kilometers. 25 km: Vynohradovo – Khmelnyk, 16 km: Khmelnyk – Irshava, Berehovo – Khmelnyk – about 27 kilometers. Today regular passenger services are provided only between the cities of Vinogradovo and Irshava.